“SVET L” BIO-INFORMATIONAL ADAPTIVE HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE DEVICE is designed for theoretical analysis of the requested target information and for biological adjustment of the results for further integrated application.

Application scope:

1. Bio-informatics
Fast processing of the test results (bioinformational, psychosomatic, etc.) with additional adjustment of responses, depending on their correctness and promptness. Checks of general health status and performance by the data obtained through the program-informational self-assessment.

2. Physical examination
Theoretical estimation of promptness and correctness of human reactions to the vital loads, depending on their emotional and physical status. Further practical adaptation to such status with recommendations for enhancement. Contact-free bio-informational regulation of the human body systems destabilized by diseases.

3. Science and technology
To reveal human tendencies and abilities, using the program-informational poll on the basis of promptness and correctness of responses, with further adaptation to his/her individual areas of activity. Research in various spheres of science and technology with an estimation of human factor domination. Implementation of bio-informational recovery technologies for complex rehabilitation at the low performance of a human body.

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